Britney Spears confirms that she is pregnant with her third Child on Instagram

Fans are confused because her relationship was ended and now she says she is pregnant.

She said she is apparently married with Sam Asghari this time

She was also confused bacause she was gaining the weight again while she was losen it.

She is now pregnant during her Maui Trip to lose weight

On Monday Britney Spears's Husband also confirms this news on his instagram post.

She said 'This time I will be doing yoga every day! Spreading lots of joy and love!'

Asghari Said 'Marriage and kids are a natural part of a strong relationship.' on his post.

This time Britney Spears Age is 40 year, and Asghari's Age is 28 Year

She has said the nearly 14-year-long conservatorship forced her to remain on birth control.

Couple was met on the set of her “Slumber Party” video in 2016.

Paris Hilton, congratulated Spears for her pregnancy also!

This time It's her Third Child, during Maui Trip for the purpose of lose weight.